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Sundays English 10am | Domingos Español 12pm

First Visit Answers for Common Questions

Checking Out Tabor

We get that walking into a new place for the first time can be a little intimidating, and maybe church seems especially intimidating to you. Rest assured that you’ll discover a warm, friendly community in a beautiful historic building where practical, Biblical teaching and the pursuit of a relationship with God is present. 

Where to enter the building

Enter through the front doors near the corner of Sunnyside and Drake Avenues. Make your way up the stairs just inside the front doors to the find the entrance to the sanctuary. You'll be greeted by a friendly face and handed a paper with the order of service, announcements, and a connection/prayer card. Help yourself to some coffee or water located in the back of the sanctuary and sit wherever you'd like. 

What To Wear

Come as you are. Everyone at our church dresses differently. Some wear jeans or shorts, while others dress up. Your outfit is completely up to you and won't make you stick out unless you come in a costume, then we might compliment your sense of humor!

Worship Style

Our worship service is considered comtemporary. Pastor does not wear a robe, screens are used to follow the service, and a band replaces the organ. While this isn't the traditional Lutheran format, you’ll find important shared Biblical elements from traditional forms of service in our contemporary worship. 

Worship Order

After a welcome from our pastor, the worship leader begins service with prayer and ushers us into songs of celebration and reflection that enhance our understanding of the topic for the week. In the Lutheran tradition there is a time of collective confession and forgiveness, a reading from the Bible, and the confirmation of our faith in the words of the Apostles or Nicene Creeds. Pastor will deliver a relevant sermon teaching from the Bible built on God’s Word, not the pastor's ideas. 

Children Are Welcome In Worship

We love having children in worship! Please don't let those sometimes busy and noisy little bodies keep you from attending church. We've all been there, and we understand. If your kids need to get their wiggles out during the service, we have a space at the back of the sanctuary with quiet toys, blocks, and coloring pages for them. We just ask that you pull up a chair and supervise your kiddos while participating in service.

Connection Card

You'll be handed a connection card on your way in to service. Please share your contact info to your comfortability level, and we'll get in touch with you. The connection card can be placed in the offering plate or handed to Pastor on the way out of church.

Not A Christian

You are welcome at Tabor. You may have lots of questions or you may doubt if there is a God. Many of us have been there, and we believe that there is no better place to wrestle with these questions and thoughts than in a community of believers. Jesus wants a relationship with all of his children, and we'd love to encourage you in your transformational relationship with God. If it is a communion Sunday, you may stay seated or come to the altar to receive a blessing, but please refrain from taking the wine and bread until you have talked with Pastor and understand what communion is.

Non-member Christian

You're welcome to attend! We do ask that you read the communion statement and determine whether you're in full aggreement with it before participating in communion. If you decide you would like to join our church or just want to know more, we offer classes that explain the Lutheran perspective. Contact Pastor if you'd like to learn more.


As you enter from the front doors, head left. There is a restroom upstairs by the sanctuary and downstairs on the way to the fellowship hall.

Sermon Teaching

Pastor organizes thematic sermon series throughout the year. You'll hear sound expository preaching that is built around the selected Biblical texts for the series.

Biblical Teaching

We place a high priority on the preaching and teaching of God's Word. Worship service and Bible Study are times for us to come together as a community to learn, be encouraged and to be challenged by God's Word. Other opportunities exist beyond the Sunday worship service where members have a chance to grow, fellowship, or otherwise be a part of a church family that lives out their faith together.

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