Plan Your Visit


Sundays English 10am | Domingos Español 12pm

Having a plan is helpful

Arrival time

It's a good idea to arrive about 10 minutes before the worship service or event so that you have time to park and make your way into the building.


You'll most likely find street parking in front of the church on Sunnyside or Drake Avenues. If you have trouble finding parking we have a small, fenced parking lot behind the church off of the alley.


Our service is an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long.


Stick around after worship and chat with us in the back of the sanctuary. We'd love to connect with you.

What to Bring

We have Bibles available, but feel free to bring you own. Bring a notebook if you like to take notes during the teaching.

Please call or email with Additional Questions.

Plan your visit