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We are grateful to God for our 110+ years of ministry in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago, and we’re excited that we have the privilege of joining Jesus on his mission here.  It’s no secret that churches across the country have been closing their doors at an alarming rate; a few short years ago Tabor nearly joined them. Once bursting at the seams, buzzing with various programs, and educating children in its school, our church found itself in painful decline over the last few decades. Members moved or passed away, culture changed, the beloved school closed, but God continued working. The Holy Spirit led amazingly generous individuals and organizations to us, and we set out to defy odds in 2015. 

In 2015, God began a new work at Tabor once again.

Tabor Lutheran Church is a growing work in progress. We’ve added to our numbers, but more importantly we’ve committed to being transformed by Christ. We’re passionate about loving and serving others as Jesus did, and we’re currently working through a vision process to determine how best to do this. The path hasn’t always been smooth, but our faith and trust remains in the The One who turned our story around. Join us for worship or at one of the activities/events we host. We’d love the opportunity to hear your story.

A note on the worship style transition at Tabor:
Christians come together to celebrate and to be fed spritiually. We praise God in worship, we learn from His word, and we receive the sacraments he has given us. There are various ways to engage in the act of worship. Traditional forms of liturgy and hymns from the hymnal with the organ as accompaniment have been the practice in Lutheran churches like Tabor for many years. While we have an appreciation for this traditional form, our service is more free flow and contemporary. Our service is led by various voices and a worship band. Rather than preaching the lectionary, Pastor's sermons are expository and are organized in thematic series. We firmly believe both forms of service can be used to hear from God; encouraging us to grow and prompting us to respond to him with our lives.

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