God created us for community.
We'd love to connect with you!


Worship is central to the Christian life. We believe that worship is both a gift and a response. First, we receive God’s gifts in his word, in bread and wine (communion), and in water (baptism). We then respond with prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. Beyond formal worship, we respond by worshiping with our whole lives in service, love, work, and witness. What we do in one hour on Sunday, we carry into the other 167 hours a week.

Our worship service is non-traditional, pastor does not wear a robe, screens are used to follow the service each week, and children have a play area in the back of the sanctuary (if they need space to get the wiggles out) while parents participate in the service.

Yes!!! Absolutely everyone is welcome at church. Jesus wants a relationship with all of his children, and we want to be in this transformational relationship with you. 

Children of all ages are welcome in worship.  After all, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Please sit wherever you’re comfortable. Sometimes kids like to be in the front where the action is, and sometimes the back feels better for the family. Whatever you choose is great! If you’d like, during the pastor’s message, you may take your children to the area in the back of the church that has a few quiet activities for their busy minds and bodies. There is also a cry room available with a changing station located just out of the sanctuary up the stairs to the left. Please ask a greeter if you need help.

Of course! We are all at different stages in our faith walk. You may have lots of questions or you may be in a place where you doubt if there is a God. We believe that there is no better place to wrestle with these questions and thoughts than in a community of Christians. If you’re still unsure, please feel free to contact Pastor Phil.

Come as you are. Everyone at our church dresses differently. Some wear jeans or shorts, while others dress up. It’s really up to you. We are in the soul business, not the church fashion business!

Our address is 3542 W. Sunnyside Ave, Chicago, Il 60625

We are located at the corner of Sunnyside Ave. and Drake Ave.

You’ll find street parking around the church, and a small parking lot behind the church off of the alley.

Enter through the front doors off of Sunnyside Ave.

We’d love to have you visit. If you decide you would like to join our church or just want to know more, we offer classes that explain the Lutheran perspective. Talk to Pastor Phil about this.

Our church is a part of the Northern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). We strive to proclaim the Gospel message of the risen Savior, Jesus Christ, and to serve our community, city, and world.

For more on what we confess, click “About Us” at the top of the website and go to the “What we believe” section. If you have specific questions please feel free to ask us.

History and Transition

We are grateful to God for our 110+ years of ministry in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago, and we’re excited that we have the privilege of joining Jesus on his mission here.  It’s no secret that churches across the country have been closing their doors at an alarming rate; a few short years ago Tabor nearly joined them. Once bursting at the seams, buzzing with various programs, and educating children in its school, our church found itself in painful decline over the last few decades. Members moved or passed away, culture changed, our beloved school closed, but God continued working. The Holy Spirit led amazingly generous individuals and organizations to us, and we set out to defy odds in 2015. God began growing his kingdom at Tabor once again.

Tabor Lutheran Church is a growing work in progress. We’ve added to our numbers, but more importantly we’ve committed to being transformed by Christ. We’re passionate about loving and serving others as Jesus did, and we’re currently working through a vision process to determine how best to do this. The path hasn’t always been smooth, but our faith and trust remains in the The One who turned our story around. Join us for worship or at one of the activities/events we host. We’d love the opportunity to hear your story.