Unstoppable: Good News for Everyone

Audio sermon

Sermon for June 28th, 2020 Unstoppable When God shows up there is no stopping Him. We will be walking through the Book of Acts to watch and learn as God does some amazing work. We will see the Apostles and see what they are doing, some people want to put the unstoppable work on them. Maybe they are the gods visiting earth…nope! The Apostles never take the credit because it is all on God. When we follow, God is unstoppable! Week 5- Good News for Everyone God’s plan was always to draw all people to himself. God desires the salvation of all from Jews to gentiles. Peter receives a vision from God removing the barriers that man put in place. Jews can go to gentiles and God’s Word can be spread to all nations and all flesh. God shows no partiality and therefore we should not either. Listen to the the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.