Unstoppable God: The Point of Our Need

Audio sermon

Sermon for June 14th, 2020 Unstoppable When God shows up there is no stopping Him. We will be walking through the Book of Acts to watch and learn as God does some amazing work. We will see the Apostles and see what they are doing, some people want to put the unstoppable work on them. Maybe they are the gods visiting earth…nope! The Apostles never take the credit because it is all on God. When we follow, God is unstoppable! Week 3: The Point of Our Need  It would appear the more wealth the church has amassed, the less it has relied on the Holy Spirit. The more powerful it has become the more the church thinks it can be accomplished through human ability and ingenuity. Once we slip into that mode we will be stopped. The power of God in us should not be used to intimidate or subjugate; but instead lift up and impact the lives around us. Listen to the message today and challenged by God’s Word.