My Shot- Hamilton

Audio sermon

Sermon for August 30th, 2020 Summer Concert Series 2020 This is the third Summer we have done this series. We take a look at different pop songs over the generations and see what we can mine from the lyrics and the intent on the songs. Culture is not evil and God can use even those far from Him to communicate a message to us. We’ll spend the next five weeks looking at different songs and see what God teaches us through his word. Week 5: My Shot- Hamilton the musical This song was written for the 2015 musical Hamilton. This was written to open the musical to show that these fathers of our country were hungry to put something in place that would be a benefit. Manuel labored over trying to write a song that would encompass so much of history into a single song. The last portion of the song really speaks to rising up and not throwing away any opportunity. I hear this as the charge for the church today. We have an opportunity right now to rise up and not throw away any shot that we are given to be Jesus to our family, friends and neighbors. Jesus has given us a charge to Go! Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.