My Love- Petula Clark

Audio sermon

Sermon for August 9th, 2020 Summer Concert Series 2020 This is the third Summer we have done this series. We take a look at different pop songs over the generations and see what we can mine from the lyrics and the intent on the songs. Culture is not evil and God can use even those far from Him to communicate a message to us. We’ll spend the next five weeks looking at different songs and see what God teaches us through his word. Week 2: My Love- Petula Clark This song was released in 1965 by Petula Clark. Tony Hatch wrote this song as he flew from London to Los Angeles, where Clark recorded it. The air travel gave him the idea for the idea of love transcending distance. Petula did not like the song and didn’t want it released, she thought it was too ordinary. The lyrics from the song resemble the words of the Psalmist as he talks about God’s love. God’s love is vast as the heavens. God is so big and yet does not neglect us or even creation, as He is the fountain of all life. Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.