James: A World Changing Life

Audio sermon

Sermon for September 13th, 2020 James: A Practical Picture of Faith From the first to the last verse of the book of James, God gives us one of the most practical pictures of the Christian faith in the entire Bible. Written to a people who were scattered and suffering, James envisions communities of faith caring, providing, and praying for one another as they show what the life of Christ looks like in action. Possibly more than any other New Testament book, this letter from James lifts our lives far above the superficial religious formalities we are so prone to settle for and sets our sights on active, authentic faith that makes a difference in the needs of the world around us. Week 1: Acts  In this opening sermon we establish the relationship between faith and works. This means that saving faith is not partly what God does and partially what we do through works. There is a constant tension in the life of a Christian that has saving faith. God gives faith to us so that we can trust and believe the Good News. God also calls us to go and serve the least of us. Faith in action is the evidence of the truth of saving Grace in the life of the believer. What is faith? What is faith in action? God’s word is sending us into Action, to change the world around us. Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.