God our Refuge: Confidence in God

Audio sermon

Sermon for July 19th, 2020 God Our Refuge: a look at Psalm 46 We are going to look at Psalm 46 for a few weeks, a majestic Psalm, which was written to be sung, in fact, many Christian hymns in history have been based on this Psalm. It is one of nine Psalms/ Songs of Zion, the place where God reigns and rules. The Psalm is divided into three stanzas, with breaks after verse 3 and after 7. This Psalm was written around 890BC but it is extremely fitting for us today. Week 1- Confidence in God God is our refuge and strength. In August of 1527 Martin Luther wrote the famous hymn “A Mighty Fortress.” It was a year earlier that the plague came back through Europe and hit a small town of Wittenberg, Germany. Many people fled but Luther stayed to minister to the sick and dying. It was only nine years earlier that Luther narrowly escaped being executed by the Catholic Church. Yet Luther’s confidence remains in God and this Psalm will teach us confidence as well. Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.