Go and Make Disciples

Audio sermon

Sermon for May 10th, 2020 Easter Continues On the church calendar Easter lasts 50 days. Christians are Easter people. We stand on resurrection ground. Easter is the reason why we are here at all. The Apostle Paul says that without the resurrection we of all people should be pitied. We are going to spend a few weeks looking at the resurrection stories and focusing in particular at what Jesus was saying. Between Easter and Ascension Jesus sees over 500 people, all of which were available to give testimony. These words of Jesus are important, and we should pay attention. Week 4: Go and Make Disciples  Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus tells his disciples to meet him in Galilee. The 11 disciples meet Jesus and fall on the knees and worship…but some doubted. It’s time for Jesus to send his disciples into the world and gives them instructions to do it. Make disciples, baptize and teach and Jesus said he would go with them and be with them through it all. Listen to the message today and be challenged by God’s Word.