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WHO WE ARE. We are imperfect people gratefully worshipping and serving a perfect God in response to his love and sacrifice for us.  We recognize that without Jesus, we are lost and without hope.

WHO WE ARE NOTWe are not a church that exists primarily for Sunday mornings. We recognize that God calls us to be part of a church, but He wants more than just one hour of our lives each week.

We want to KNOW YOU. We want to journey through life with you. We want to uncover what it means to live as a disciple in the ups and downs of life with you. We recognize that this will look different for each person. Let’s celebrate our lives in Christ and discover our collective purpose together!

Christians come together to praise God in worship and to celebrate the sacraments he has given us. There are various ways to engage in the act of worship. Some people like Traditional forms of liturgy and hymns from the hymnal with the organ as accompaniment. Others enjoy a more free flow service that uses different instrumentation, typically known as Contemporary Worship. Both can be used to hear from God; encouraging us to grow and prompting us to respond to him with our lives.

Tabor’s worship service is considered Contemporary, and while this type of service is quite different from very traditional churches, you’ll find important shared Biblical elements from traditional forms of service in our Contemporary Worship. 

Life Groups are a great way to build lasting Christian relationships. The purpose of these groups is to provide a time to check in with others about everyday life and encourage each other in spiritual growth.

Life Group Guidelines:      
  • Personal sharing takes place in groups separated by gender to allow for vulnerability.
  • Part of the gathering time is devoted to Christian learning and growth.
  • Groups must respect the privacy of each participant.                                       
  • Gathering frequency and topics of study/discussion are decided upon by participants. 
If you would like to join a life group or are interested in more info, contact Pastor Phil

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