New Year’s Believing

cold, clear night moon wandering low in the west end of a day, of a month, of a year   in the darkness, we long for sleep in our sleeping, we hope to awake in our waking, we yearn for renewal new year, new day renewed energy, courage, hope, opportunities   we count planetary revolutions and orbital trajectories hours, days, months, seasons, years, epochs numbered by light instead of darkness   mercy not marking mistakes grace given generously promise-planted peace faith, hope and love   our sleeping is a time for resurrection recharge the light will always lighten our lives the Lord Immanuel is with us in every sunrise, in every new day, in every new year in our baptism, in our singing, in our confessing, in our communing, in our living and in our dying and in our rising again   begin again, my soul the light of the glory of God calls to you   By Pastor Martin Doering