Mission and Vision

Hello and welcome to our church website, it’s always a real joy for us to meet and have new guests to church. Here you will hopefully grab a picture of who we are and where we are going.

At Tabor we define God’s mission for our lives as:

Connecting people in real loving relationship

-with God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit,
-with one another in contagious Christian community and
-with their calling of servanthood in the world.

Who are we growing into?

We are a Word and Sacrament ministry where relationships inside and outside the church matter deeply to us. That means:

1. We are sent ones by Jesus to make disciples. This is not for the select few or “trained” ones, but Jesus calls each of us to be disciples. This does not mean that you will find a bunch of “Bible thumping” Christians here, who are just looking for the right time to thump. We are a community of believers that are learning to love as we are loved by God (unconditionally). We know that it was a messy process with our own walk of faith, so we don’t expect anyone to come to us perfect or perfectly self-righteous.

2. We are working on building disciples who make disciples. We see Sunday morning as an opportunity to be fed by God but also equipped to be the sent ones (as mentioned above). We are not looking to be a Sunday only church but a church (people) looking to carry out God’s mission everyday of the week.

How will this get done?

Worship– We have begun our new worship schedule. We start with Bible study at 9:45am for adults and a bunch of fun stuff for the kids to grow and learn. Then at 11am we will have a contemporary service. This means band led with a blend of new and old songs. If you have questions, please let us know.

Relationships– Life groups: sharing life and faith with each other to strengthen each other as we pull out the best things that God wants in each of us. We have women’s groups and men’s groups. We have found that accountability is best done in gender groups. Adults: Bible studies, fellowship, outside activities. Missional communities: equipping families to live on mission with God in their own homes and neighborhoods. This happens when families meet together, share a meal together and identify where they can make small (and big) impacts in their immediate neighborhoods. Mission teams: groups from around the country looking to do short term mission trips in the United States. Chicago happens to be a place groups like to come. We look to be a place where groups can come and experience urban ministry serving at our church, neighborhood and city.

Outreach– Loving our neighbors with a “no strings attached” focus. We want to be servants (just like Jesus) using our hands and feet for the neighborhood of Albany Park. We think of different and unique ways of being visible and present in the neighborhood, as we determine the needs of the place God has put us. We also believe that there is a lot of injustice in the world today. God has called us to be people of peace, giving people a glimpse of His Kingdom. We like to plug into existing organizations that help with many different social justice issues.

If you have any questions, or find an area that you would like to get involved, please contact us. We would love to be able to talk and find out how we might be able to help each other. God did not create us to be alone, so contact us and we would love to connect with you. Let’s have a coffee or some other beverage and get to know each other.